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Sól frá Bjarnastöðum

Super cute chestnut dun with star mare born 2022.

Sól is very friendly and shows a lot of interest in humans. Besides the basic gates she shows tölt and will probably become a four gaiter.

She has potential for breeding or competition.

Her father, Fannar frá Flugumýri, has been shown as a four year old with 8.5 for tölt, gallop, rideability and general impression and 8.35 for conformation.

Her mother has a very interesting pedigree as well. She is after the 1. price mare Viktoría frá Feti (8,5 Tölt, Trot, General Impression, Form under Rider) and the top stallion Dagfari frá Álfholum (9 for Tölt, Gallop, 9,5 Trot, Form under Rider, General Impression) which is well remembered after his incredible show only 4 years old on Landsmót 2016.

At the moment Sól lives on our farm in South Iceland. For more information please write a message via the contact form on this homepage.

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