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Our Ridingschool

The riding school Reiðskólinn á Bjarnastöðum í Ölfusi was opened 01. June 2020. It started as a summer school where kids stayed 3 or 7 hours a day for 5 days. Our students were so happy with the school, that we decided to offer riding lessons the same way as other sports are operated as an after school activity here in Iceland and now the kids can come for 2 hours once a week for the whole autumn and spring. The riding school horses get a well-deserved winter break in November, December and January. 

In our teaching we emphasize on an animal friendly handling of all animals. Students get to meet the dogs, chicken and horses, they learn that every animal has a different nature and different natural behaviors and that every individuum has a different character as well. Our goal is that all our students respect every creature as it is and can treat and approach it in the best possible way. 

All students learn to pick up their horse from the field, how to brush and take care of them. They learn how to handle the riding gear and how to put it on the correct way. We do a lot of seat exercise on the lunge, because a good seat is the base for a harmonic riding tour. We practice in the riding area as well as out in the field and the riding paths and the students get to try different horses from time to time. 

Everybody, experienced riders as well as beginners, can come and take riding lessons at our farm. You can bring your own horse or ride one of our horses. We do single lessons and group lessons. 



Price List


50 minutes single lesson with a school horse 14.000 ISK

50 minutes single lesson with own horse 10.000 ISK

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