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Safety Tips

Please always respect the signs and take warnings seriously, Iceland has a powerful nature, and the weather can change very quickly and unexpectedly which can lead to very dangerous situations if you are not well prepared.

Those are important sites to check on for safe traveling, before long hikes or drives. Especially if you go to the mountains or visit in the winter. Check if highland roads are open before going there.  

Remember to always bring a warm jacket or blanket in your car and wear clothes that are appropriate for the weather conditions. It is important to bring enough clothes, food and drinks on hikes and longer walks. 

Do not leave the path (even if you see other people doing it) since the Icelandic fauna is very sensitive and can easily be harmed by the high numbers of visitors that come to the country every year. 


Things to do and see near our Farm


For finding more hiking trails and areas we recommend to use apps and websites such as Rother App, Komoot, Locus Map, OsmAnd Map or MapOut

  • You can drive (12 minutes) to Reykjadalur both to walk around at the hot springs below the mountain or to hike up in the mountains (45-75 minutes’ walk-up hill) and take a bath in a natural hot river (you change your clothes outdoors, so if it rains we recommend a waterproof bag to keep your clothes dry.) Remember to always stay on the path. Google recommendation „Hot River Iceland “

  • There is a nice walking path along the mountains behind Hveragerði leading you through a forest and a small hot spring area. 

  • You can drive to the black sand beach in Þorlákshöfn and take a walk there 

  • Explore the area of Fagradalsfjall vulcano which erupted for more than 6 months in 2021, for that you drive road 427 in the direction of Grindavík 

  • You can drive (about 90 minutes) to þjórsádalur for hiking and visiting the waterfalls Háifoss und Hjálpafoss as well as Stöng (the excavated foundation of an ancient farm) 

  • Explore the area of Nesjavellir (you can find maps for hiking online or at the parking spots of the area itself)

Horseback riding or riding lesson: 

  • Here on our farm Bjarnastaðir you can book a riding tour in the surroundings of our farm. All tours start on the farm and either go up on the mountain or down to the river delta, sometimes all the way to the beach. In Nov, Dec and Jan the maximum duration of  our trips is 2 hours.

for more details click here

  • We also offer riding lessons. Cora is an educated riding teacher and horse trainer and is the head teacher of the riding school „Reiðskólinn á Bjarnastöðum“. 

for more details click here



  • Check out the free mini exhibition about the 2 big earthquakes in 2008 

  • Supermarket (Bónus is the cheapest), pharmacy, bakery, greenhouse restaurants and shopping 

  • Swimming pool (see swimming/ hot tubs)


















Swimming/Hot tubs:

  • The swimming pool in Þorlákshöfn, it is quite new. You have to take a shower at the pool before entering the swimming area. There are 2 big hot tubs, an indoor pool for kids, a swimming pool outside, steam bath, slides and a cold tub.

  • There is another swimming pool in Hveragerði which is a little bit smaller than the one in Þorlákshöfn. There are 2 hot tubs and an outside swimming pool as well as a steam bath and a cold tub. 

  • Seljavallalaug (image on the left) - one of the oldest swimming pools in Iceland, built in 1923 

  • Sky Lagoon – if you are looking for a more luxurious experience we can recommend the sky lagoon in Reykjavik. Remember to book a time slot in advance. The Lagoon can be booked with and without “rituals”.

  • Secret Lagoon in Flúdir


Drink Icelandic water from the tap: 

  • At our house you can drink both the cold and the hot water from the tap, since the hot water is heated cold water. At some places the hot water is hot spring water from the ground, then it smells like rotten eggs and doesn´t taste good. 
















Golden Circle (1-2 days): 

  • Gullfoss, Geysir, Þingvellir, Kerið, Friðheimar Tomato farm (book a table), Faxi waterfall, Hvítagljúfu, Flúðir mushroomsoup, Secret Lagoon, snorkeling in Þingvellir between the continental plates


South coast to Vík:

  • Hvollsvöllur - Lava center ideal for kids and grownups, especially when the weather is bad

  • Hella - swimming pool with hot tubs and 2 big slides and Caves of Hella

  • Seljalandsfoss - the one you can walk behind, we recommend waterproof clothes

  • Seljavallalaug - one of the oldest swimming pools in Iceland, built in 1923 

  • Gljúfuráfoss – 500 m left from Seljalandsfoss, you can walk through the water to the waterfall, it is really unique

  • Skógarfoss waterfall - walk up the stairs and hike for about 15 minutes more to see more beauty and another waterfall

  • Skógarmuseum

  • Dyrhólaey

  • Reynisfjara, the black beach !! This is a very beautiful place. Be aware of the ocean, the waves are very dangerous, and people have died there. The waves may not be going far onto the beach and then all of sudden one wave reaches much further onto the beach and if the waves catch you there is a big chance they will pull you into the ocean. The currents are very strong, if that happens you won’t be able to swim back to the shore, the currents will carry you out into the ocean. The water is usually 2-6°C so chances of rescue are slim to none.































  • See it is located in Stokkseyri a 30-minute car ride


Ghost museum in Stokkseyri




Iceland Activities: 

Raufarhólshellir - The Lava Tunnel

  • Only a 6 minute drive away from our farm you can take a guided tour through a naturally formed lava tunnel (check their website for more information)

Northern lights, Aurora borealis, Iceland
Swimmng/ hot tubs

Northern lights:

  • Check the kitchen window

  • Check on quite centered in the middle of the page it says „Aurora forecast“  there you can see how likely it is that you can see the norther lights (numbers from 0-9) and you can see where there will be clear sky.

  • Take your car go to the road (38) go to the right. At the end turn to the right on the (39), go up the mountain, on top of it (7 min drive in total) there is a parking lot on the right side. Here you have more sky more view. 

Geothermal Areas

  • Hveradalir Geothermal Area

  • The Geothermal Exhibition at Hellisheidarvirkjun


Reykjanes (1-2 days): 

  • Strandakirkja church, 

  • Strandaviti lighthouse, 

  • Krýsuvíkurkirkja church 

  • Lobstersoup in Grindavík

  • Brimketill

  • Gunnuhver and the lighthouse, síðasti geirfuglinn, the last Geirfugl and the cliffs south of Gunnuhver, only a few minutes’ drive 

  • Blue Lagoone/Sky Lagoon (remember to book, it is pricy the secret lagoon is cheaper)

  • Krysuvik (you can plan in about half a day for this area)



  • Særbraut to Harpa concert hall, also walk from Harpa along the coastline Laugarvegur, Skolavörðurstigur

  • Hallgrímskirkja (take the elevator up when the weather is good), 

  • Get your Icelandic sweater knitted by an Icelandic woman - 

  • Bæjarins bestu pylsur and get an Icelandic Hot Dog (these are the best)

  • Reykjavík as well has many nice swimming pools

  • Perlan – the pearl, they have a great northern light show and an Ice tunnel, if you can´t make it to see it for real.

  • Whale museum

  • Fly over Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland
Seljalandsfoss, Iceland
Háifoss, Iceland



  • Greenhouse - Foodhall (Gróðurhúsið)

  • Ölverk 

  • Matkráin 

  • Skýrgerðin


  • Kaffí Krús

  • Mjólkurbúið - Foodhall

  • Tryggvaskáli

  • Krisp

  • Pylsuvagninn (For Icelandic hot dogs with meat or vegetarian sausages)

  • Have a coffee at GK Bakari 

  • Mömmu Matur


  • Fjöruborðið (Lobster Restaurant)


  • Hafið Bláa with a great view over the river delta and the black beach (fresh waffels and coffee in the afternoon and dinner in the evening)

  • Friðheimar: Greenhouse Restaurant (book a table) or wine bar

  • Restaurant Mika in Reykholt



  • Bonus in Hveragerði

  • Bonus and Kronan in Selfoss

  • Kronan in þorlákshöfn

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